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Very often people associate artistic tendencies with a distaste for ( or at least a lack of) order and other attributes normally associated with the sciences... I believe that everything you do in life is better served by thinking ahead and outside of the box, by being efficient and organized. There are numerous other adjectives that could be used, but they are all components of a certain way of life that I admire and strive for. Organization and creativity are not at all on opposite ends of a specturm, but instead serve each other. I am constantly seeking to improve myself though the development of these attributes. Another very important aspect of my life is fitness, which you might expect to be relegated to the hobby section. Health is something of a higher priority to me and this is why:

Your brain is the most important tool you will ever have. It is also connected to your physical self. Everyone knows that if you have a healthy body then your heart will last longer, you will sleep better, and that your joints and bones will not hurt you. What I have realized is that your brain, no matter how special, is no different than your knees or your heart in that it is a tangible part of you and benefits from your physical well being just as much as the rest of you does. So, even though I would love to sleep in and eat pizza EVERYDAY (instead of getting up earlier for a trip to the gym and watching my diet,) I do not and in the long run, I am better and happier for it.

As far as hobbies go, I enjoy what I do during the day, so I spend much of my time doing "work" of my own at home. The obvious bonus is that I have free access to snacks, my choice of music and my baby. I am interested in all kinds of movies and music, love a coffee run with friends and spending time with my daughter Nora has become a truly wonderful part of life- who'd have thought that "making faces" would ever again be as much fun as it was when you were 10?-

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