About Me

I am a web developer and designer who has fallen in love with Drupal in recent years. My introduction into the production of websites was design /CSS/the usual suspects and from there I moved inward as it were and am now- over a decade later- well versed in most aspects of website production and maintenance. In my experience, people are generally EITHER design OR backend, but I enjoy having experience with everything from CSS to hosting to coding because it allows me to complete projects more easily when I’m on my own and I have more to contribute on collaborative projects. I work fast, keep my place in several different projects at a time and plan my project flows for optimal productivity. And quality cannot be a question with me. I expect my work to be excellent: easy to update, easy for other team members to follow, smooth and clean. In order to maintain this level of excellence I have to lead a balanced life.

I support my body so that it can deliver what I’m demanding of it. The gym is important to me. (After all, being healthy affects all aspects of your body, including your brain.) So is my bedtime. So are my mealtimes and so is my playtime. I’m fortunate to have a job that I genuinely enjoy, so most of my playtime IS related to work in some way, digging around in new materials, programs and platforms. I find that there’s a lot of humor to be found in almost any situation and while I’m very serious about my work, everything else is pretty much fair game and I love a good laugh.

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