I graduated from Cairo University with a BA in Economics and Political Science in 1996. Interestingly, the field that I wound up in has absolutely nothing to do with what I received my formal degree in. They are, however, similar in that they are both very complex with the only limitation on how much you learn is the time you can afford to devote to it and your natural level of curiosity. I have been involved in the information technology business for the past decade and love to watch as new tools continue to become available to us. Initially, I was interested in internet technology solely as a user/observer.

Then I realized that this could be a great creative outlet for me. I've always been known for having a keen eye and good attention to detail so web design was naturally appealing to me. That's when I started analyzing the components of a website and evaluating the different languages and programs, selecting those tools most useful in realizing my creative visions. I decided to focus on cultivating skills in Flash, Action script and of course HTML and CSS. The past few years have held several landmarks in my life. In 2008 I completed the Naturalization process and became an American citizen. I also married in 2008 and then in January of the following year became a father to my first child, Nora.

I offer Professional Web Site Design, E-commerce, Web Hosting, Web Templates, Flash Photo Galleries, Flash Music Players, Flash Intros/Splash pages, Flash buttons, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Banner Design, Search Engine Optimization, Flex work, Contact forms and business mapping. I create professional web sites (for a variety of purposes) that are aesthetically pleasing and effective in promoting my clients, services or products to their target audience. Most of my work is comprised of helping small business owners in developing their online presence. For some people this means setting up an ecommerce website and selling products/services online and for others it means setting up an informational website that establishes a name for the company on the internet. For clients that want a more independent experience, I have business and personal templates. These can easily be edited with a web page editor such as Dreamweaver. I have several free web templates available for you to test drive and see for yourself how easy it will be to use one.

Why use a website? A web site is an excellent tool to organize a business, keep viewers updated on events/promotions, receive feedback and in general promote visibility for whatever is close to your heart. When considering other venues to promote yourself or your product there are a few main things that come to mind: phone book/newspaper ads, billboards and television commercials. Phone book and newspaper ads rely on information-text-, instead of visual stimulation. Billboards on the other hand rely on the aesthetic aspect, luring you in to recognizing their product, with minimal text. Lastly, television ads involve the visual aspect yet can still present a fair amount of information through text and sound. While each of these methods has its own merit, they are all limited.

With a website however, there is no limit on the amount of information you can provide or how creative you can be with its presentation. You have the opportunity to visually enchant your viewers, similar to an eye-catching billboard or TV commercial, without the staggering cost. There is another advantage websites have that can never be reached through other tools: accessibility. A website is available 24/7 with just a click of a button anywhere on the globe. Statistics have shown that at any given time there are approximately 1.5 billion people using the Internet, and that is an undeniable advantage for us.

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